On the surface GOLDEN paints a picture as a typical teen horror. Edgy teens in the woods, sex drugs and rock and roll, victims waiting to be picked off by a potential serial killer ranger… but not everything is what it seems.


Four friends and one reluctant older sister go camping to celebrate high school graduation. It’s a fun vacation until the older sister goes missing and is found trapped down an abandoned mine. But the mine isn’t empty, there’s a fortune in gold ready for the taking…


Now the friends face a dilemma: if they call the Rangers to rescue the sister they’ll lose the gold as it’s a national park. So they convince the sister to delay the rescue so they can dig out the gold. But the more they dig the harder it is to leave as they grow richer and richer.

As they push themselves to the limit, it’s then that we start to realize that the forces of evil aren’t external, but internal. We watch aghast as their friendships and loyalties spiral out of control into depravity and savagery as the teens are consumed by greed, lust and a heart of darkness. And all along fueled by a presence in the mine that suggests it’s not by accident that they find themselves in this dilemma.

Stay BuriedExhausted, almost insane and just when they think it’s all over, the friends plans for riches are shattered when the mine is discovered by the Rangers. They will lose their fortune unless they make the ultimate act of survival.

Brutally unapologetic GOLDEN hurtles the viewer through a gamut of emotions. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the California sierras this unique story will leave the viewer shocked, exhausted and dying for more.


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